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Finding a fundraising real path for your personal or small business needs is very difficult. There are a lot of things to consider, from donor reception to your budget and estimated time commitment.

Sometimes, you need to run a quick and easy project to fund an immediate need. Other times, you must organize a creative fundraiser to bring in a lot of money over a longer period (an annual mortgage or car loan campaign payment, for example).

We as the New Vision Club Administrators,  know these well,  40 plus million dollars have been put together as funding for different types of projects.

The New Vision Club, has set up nonprofits and social good projects using a system similar to our online platform to raise hundreds of thousands. Through this, we’ve seen, individuals, nonprofits, and charities use our fundraising systems to raise money for their cause successfully.

We’ve put together this platform with hundreds of angel investors like you, who may receive funds or help with funds,  we have handcrafted these fundraising ideas into one epic computerized system, to organize, guide, and make it possible for the founders to raise money.

The donation provides and shared by each member to accomplish it is very low and it is fun to do it with sure fundraising results.

Join us, make a big difference, we´ll make it easy for you to find the funds you need.

Enroll in our online fundraising Club Free of  Debts and become a successful fundraising case within 30 to 90 days, give it a try, give us the opportunity to prove it to you…Imagine receiving 30-60 k in the next 180 days! 

Welcome to the New Vision Club A Cyber Family Free of Debts.


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