A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Jan 5th, 2020. Let´s take this, as a New Beginning for all who review this site,

Hello Cyber Friend!

By JC Sanchez,

I want to share a brand new “ground floor” opportunity that just opened up:

The New Vision a Club free of debts – Prelaunch F-R-E-E- Membership

So what makes this Cyber Club so special?

First, it’s essentially within the “internet marketing” industry, which is an industry that myself, co-founder JC Sanchez, understands very well. It is going to provide valuable tools and training and cash for internet marketers and newbies.

Second, JC and software developers co-founders have a huge track record in the industry.

Each, in their respective companies and industries, has done over $50 Million of direct sales online, and are still running highly successful businesses.

They created The New Vision Club Free of debts,  which is marketed in a way similar to network marketing but is not an MLM because it only has three-level, it’s a  referral system, mixed with a crowdfunding structure.

Additionally to the cyber world, JC has been in business since 1986 and making a living online since 1997! So he knows the off and online sales strategies very well.

Based on all the experience, digital products and strategies for sure, this will be the launching of the decade that is about to start in Jan 5th, 2020. It will be a successful launch, and those who get in during the prelaunch will have the opportunity to cash in starting from month 1 of the platform launching.

The key is to sign up now during pre-launch, and then get two qualified people into your down line.

I’ll explain much more about it in the coming weeks, but in the meantime go to the signup page and sign up for your free account:

the new vision – club-sign-up

In the past in a similar program, we got together over 2500 members joined the pre-launch, and it looks like it’s positioned to really take off.
Have a great day

From our co-founders and your friend  JC Sanchez

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