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Our thenewvision.club, Founder and Director, “JC” Sanchez: has invested in a big way; money, time, dedication, and his personal executive friends' resources on the development and launching of this great and fruitful concept known as The New Vision Club a “new cyber family free of debts”.

Here is a brief history; JC Serves as Director for The New Vision Club, a division of Walgreen Partners LLC, Jose C Sanchez, “JC” for friends:

JC started his business career in his early twenties 1982, producing Advertising and creating Media campaigns for small businesses.

In 1985 and after learning the power of real estate, J.C. started a real estate company; West Coastal Development Corp. Which grew from 1 to 5 offices operating in the Southern California area, with a portfolio of 32 homes and 2 office buildings,

In 1988 JC launched, managed and supervised five trading offices operating out of the U.S.A dealing with; Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico managing more than 200 employees, trading different commodities such it was, wood, sugar, cement, fertilizer and heavy-duty equipment.

In 1991, JC was instrumental in forming and getting Capitol Records to distribute his record companies that targeted the Latin/Hispanic market in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. And became involved in buying Movie rights in the USA for Mexico and produced, 4 low budget movies and dozens of instructional, documental and musical videos

In late 1997, J.C. got involved in online marketing fever, starting with cybertvcorp online services and a nonprofit organization cyberkids corp. organized to help kids to learn and use the internet as a tool and not as a toy, he opened 3 internet centers available fro kinds at no cost to them.

In 2004, he established Walgreen Partners LLC as a holding company to manage his different business activities.

For the last 11 years, JC has been designing, producing and buying right for software, eBook, apps and developing the idea that today is known as The New Vision Club, which owns over 300 digital products. Its parent company, GN Vision (Grupo Nueva Vision), is the digital products parent company.

Presently he serves the Head administrator for websites-video development sites and Currently, JC manages all, day to day functions and operations of The administrator company Walgreen Partners LLC and is the principal Director liaison between our the newvision.net, thenewv.club, lanuevavision.club,

JC. Primarily oversees the administration, creative division and administration for Walgreen Partners LLC and all the participating websites and eCommerce: The main goal of JC is to support a successful membership group. JC welcomes you, future members, our cyber family!

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