We Help The Average Fellowman Get Financially Funded

We help kids and elders.

In 1997 we funded Cyberkidscorp, to help f´ree of charge kids and elders in the underprivileged communities and ...In 2002 we’ve built the largest average citizen crowd-funding platform, dedicated exclusively to help individuals raise capital for their business…

besides the above... TODAY, ...

WEB SITES DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: We’re a dedicated team of designers, writers, strategists, developers and account specialists who share a common passion for great design. Together we create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and elevate their brands. Our work is renowned for its highly-crafted design, and its ability to drive action.

VIDEO MARKETING: At The New Vision Club, we specialize in helping businesses scale out their products and services by tapping into the 4.3+ Billion active users of the YouTube platform. By using sophisticated (and always improving) targeting methods we can reach your exact, ideal target audience and deliver an offer to get them to take action and enter into your sales funnel process. We pride ourselves as being a Certified Video Marketing Agency and one of the pioneers in the video marketing space, as we have been managing YouTube ad campaigns and Google Adwords since the beginning of 2015.

THE NEWV, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, was born from the ideal that being unique and innovative to stand out from the crowd is what a successful business should look like. We know starting a business either as a solo entrepreneur or growing an existing business needs planning, strategy and execution. The key to business growth is having a system to generate targeted leads and growing your social media following. We have the solutions that will help you achieve these desired results. The question you have to ask is what am I doing right now to get where do I need to go, If your current performance is below expectations, you need a guided hand to build your online presence.

AND THERE IS MUCH MORE...eMail Marketing, Chatbot Services, Apps development, Online learning, and More. We all have dreams and sometimes those dreams are a little more ambitious than others and it is impossible to achieve that dream by yourself…and a little help from your new family here...You are not alone, Try us. The New Vision Club, welcomes you aboard! The administrator

Using the latest technology and a robust compensation program for our members

Help yourself…
Help others…
Help the children and elders…


Register yourself in The New Vision.

The registration is very simple and takes no more than two minute.

Verify your email

Activate your account, go to your email and Verify your email

Link the purse

For now, we are transferring payments to and from; using a) PayPal, OXXO, 7 eleven, gift cards, FedEx, ups. As your Platinum, stripe,

Forms of payment

To do so,
1. Login as a member
2. Create a free account
3. Then login and find out who is your Platinum display in your site as the receiver and contact him or her to make arrangements to send her / his gift

Our History

Reliable Organization

As a  New Vision Club Member,  you´ll receive Free business software,  eBooks,   selling systems, online marketing training, video builders tools, websites for sale and for you own use…

FREE training on how to promote on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more!!!

Today is your important life-changing day, Join us, learn and decide to continue.

How Does The New Vision Club F´ree of Debts Activity Work?

Each participant, immediately after signing up for f´ree, will receive an ID# and a password.

Then if you decide to participate by providing your life time membership one-time payment, the software electronically will place you on a genealogy board and receive your replicated website thus, progressing to receive financial funding for your immediate needs.  And accesses   to multiple tools, services, and software that you can provide to   business that purchase them

Refer others to our cyber family and programs and earn residual earning from different business sources.

Our computer software will ensure that you always follow your Inviter and that your Invitees will always follow you through the activity. This is not an MLM structure,  it is compensation for referring.

Individuals become qualified to move up to the next level to the Gold position to finally reach the Platinum or receiving position by having two accepted invitations ONLY!, 3 simple steps.

  1. By each member referring a minimum of two accepted new members, the movement of the genealogy will progress smoothly.
  2. By providing your one-time payment for your lifetime membership, you´ll receive digital tools-software,  worth over $5,000 and these can be used for your business, sell them or lease them out to someone else or business for a monthly fee!
  3. If you follow our easy 1,2,3 program taught in our training session, within 30 days, you could start receiving financial funds for your immediate money needs.

Again, welcome to the Club without debts. If you have questions prior to starting, please contact the member who provided you with this information.

We look forward to having you come on board.

JC San, Funder.

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